Air India rescue flight reaches Bucharest, Romania

Indian students stranded in Ukraine hoped to return home on the third day of Russia’s attack. Air India flight AI-1943 has arrived in Bucharest, Romania, to evacuate Indians. Nagma Mallick, India’s ambassador to Poland, said the embassy has formed three teams. These groups will assist Indians in escaping Western Ukraine. All of the stranded Indians will be transported to Poland, where plans will be made to transport them to India. The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has issued an advisory to the Indians trapped there, advising them not to approach the border without first consulting with Indian officials stationed there. It’s better to stay put when it comes to food and drink in western cities. Getting to the border without planning ahead of time can be problematic. Stay inside or wherever you have taken shelter in the eastern area until further instructions.

Meanwhile, Indian students who are interned in bunkers and rescue centres are forced to sleep on mats and are sometimes deprived of food. For their return, the Indian government has dispatched flights. Buses transport students to and from the airport. These students are boarding buses while holding flags.

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