Alert: Escobar virus can empty bank account


Android users’ security is once again in jeopardy. A new Trojan malware has emerged, with a new name and set of features. According to a report by BleepingComputer, the malware known as Escobar can steal your bank information as well as empty your bank account through your phone. The Escobar malware has the ability to take complete control of a user’s phone. If this malware gets into your phone for any reason, it will be able to record your conversations.

Without your permission, they may photograph you. Escobar is after all of the apps on users’ phones that contain information about the bank. Escobar has been spotted on a Russian hacking forum where the Aberebot developer is promoting the banking Trojan, according to the report. MalwareHunter, McAfee, and Cyble are among the security firms that have identified this malware.

What is the mechanism of the Aberebot/Escobar malware?

Escobar functions in the same way as any other banking Trojan. It obtains access to your phone through a third-party source and then monitors your messages, websites visited, and banking apps for several days. During this time, it records OTP, PIN, and other information. Before taking any action, this virus gathers all available information. Escobar has now visited 18 countries around the world.

This malware collects data from users in 25 different ways, including audio recording, message storage, keylock, calling, and location. This malware collects information and stores it on the hackers’ servers. Hackers then gain access to your account. This malware can also switch SIM cards.

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