America: Do not interfere in Taiwan during Ukraine crisis China

The United States has issued a warning to China as the threat of military conflict between Russia and Ukraine grows. The United States has warned China not to use this opportunity to increase its meddling in Taiwan. China has already been besieged by the United States.

China has bad intentions when it comes to Taiwan. Despite constant warnings from the United States and other countries, Dragon is undeterred. Two nuclear-armed warships have been deployed by the United States, one in the Philippine Sea and the other in Yokosuka, Japan. He has sent a strong message to China by doing so, telling them to stay away from Taiwan.

China retaliated by deploying PLA troops.

China, on the other hand, has responded to America by deploying its People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched 39 fighter jets to Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Zone on Sunday (ADIZ). Fighter jets such as the J-10 and J-16 are among them.

Taiwan’s air defence system has been activated.

Meanwhile, to deter any PLA aggression, Taiwan’s air force has activated air patrols and surface-to-air missile systems. In comparison to US exercises, the PLA has deployed such a large number of fighter aircraft for the first time since October 2021.

In response to China’s massive air violations of Taiwan’s airspace, the US Navy has dispatched three combat warships to assist Taiwan. The USS Carl Vinson and the USS Abraham Lincoln are patrolling near Taiwan, and the USS Ronald Reagan is patrolling near Yokosuka, Japan.

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