Android 13 which is coming in 2022 see what’s new


Android users will soon be able to take advantage of thirteen new features coming to the platform. The kind of items that make it easier for you to complete tasks. Settings that help you get more done in a shorter period of time. And new ways to communicate. Use the Android app store to see what’s currently available.

Google TV’s remote

The couch has swallowed your remote, but you can still find something to watch now. Android’s quick settings menu or the Google TV app can be used to control the tv via a mobile phone. In fact, the keypad on your phone may be used to swiftly write long passwords or movie titles.

Apps and games for Android in the car

Google Assistant on Android Auto can help you get to your destination faster and keep you occupied on the road with music, games and more. Press play while driving to hear personalized music, podcasts, and news. Using your car’s touchscreen, GameSnacks allows you to play a variety of entertaining and challenging games while driving.

The Camera Switches

With the new Android accessibility feature Camera Switches, people with speech and mobility limitations can use their eyes and facial expressions to control their phone. The front-facing camera on your phone is turned into a switch, allowing you to pick which movements are scanned and which are selected. Get creative with your gestures and adapt them to your range of motion. A few simple motions have allowed all of Android to be made more user-friendly. To get started, check out the tutorials.

More ways to create, share, and have fun with your work..

Emojis of the future

It is our goal to make it easier for you to find your favorite mashups, as well as new ones that you may have never heard of before. It’s never been easier to express yourself through mashups of emojis, with thousands of mashups to choose from.

Backgrounds with animations in the Meet app

Video background replacements in Meet can help keep your video chats private while also making them a lot more fun for you to see behind you.

GBoard is always being updated.

Suggested Image Captioning

This will save you time in the future when you need a screenshot. As soon as you start a messaging app, Gboard will show you your most recent screenshot.

Assistive Clipboard
Now it’s even easy to copy and paste data. When you copy text that includes a phone number, email address, or URL, you’ll see those important pieces of text suggested in the clipboard. Use these shortcuts in Maps, Messages, and more to swiftly communicate contact information or begin your road trip.

Smart Composing
The Smart Compose feature proposes popular phrases as you type, reducing repetition and the likelihood of errors in your document. When you can swipe to autocomplete an entire text, sending and replying to messages becomes a breeze.

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