Apps that detect deleted photos and videos from phone

Apps that detect deleted photos and videos from phone

A smartphone is in the hands of your child. He’s looking through the photo and video gallery on his phone. He accidentally selects the delete option for the photo or video. Then it’s deleted as well. Many photos and videos are no longer visible when you look at your phone. Some of them may be your personal favourites as well. If your phone does not have a Recycle Bin or Recent Delete folder, you will not be able to recover those deleted photos and videos in this situation.

Your problem will be solved by using photo or video recovery apps. You can recover deleted photos, videos, and audio files from your phone using these apps. Following that, you can select them and restore them. So, in this storey, we’ll tell you about some of these apps.

  • DiskDigger photo recovery
  • File Recovery – Restore Files
  • Photo & Video & Audio Recover
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • File Recovery – Recover Deleted Files

First and foremost, understand how to recover the last photo-video, even if it has been deleted.

When we delete any type of data from our phone, it is deleted, but it is saved in image format inside the phone. When we keep deleting things, the new data gradually overwrites the old data, erasing it forever. That is, the new image takes the place of the old. In this case, the data on the phone is permanently lost. The data is permanently lost if the phone is factory restored or formatted.

This is how these applications function.

The unique feature of photo and video recovery apps is that they can restore deleted files from the phone’s temporary memory. They do this by scanning every part of the phone that you can’t get to. Your gallery or other folders containing photos, videos, or audio files are included in the search results during the scan. These apps will not be able to recover data from your phone’s Recycle Bin or Recent Delete folder if you have also deleted it from there.

There’s no need to root your phone.

The unique feature of these apps is that they do not require the user to root their phone in order to recover photos. If the phone isn’t rooted, however, it only searches for deleted photos up to a certain point. Installing this app allows you to search for deleted photos and videos. Deleted photos can also be recovered from the phone’s memory or the cloud.