Asteroid with 3 moons found for the first time in the universe

Asteroid with 3 moons

There are numerous things in the universe about which humans are still ignorant. Scientists have discovered a three-moon asteroid deep within the universe. This celestial rock is 257 kilometers in diameter and was discovered in the nineteenth century. This one-of-a-kind asteroid has now been identified as the first quadruple system ever discovered in space. The Greek god Electra inspired scientists to name it 130 Electra.

This celestial rock has three small companion moons, according to astronomers. Scientists have discovered 11 lakh asteroids, but no asteroid has yet been discovered with satellites. According to scientists, 150 of the 1.1 million asteroids have at least one moon, but finding them is not always easy.

‘Electra was the first person to discover a quadruple system.’

Electra was discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in the year 1873. The first moon of Electra was discovered after 130 years. Following that, evidence of the second moon was discovered in 2014. The discovery of this asteroid was extremely difficult due to its small size and lack of light. If a small satellite is circling them in this situation, it becomes lighter and the chances of seeing it decrease.

This rare discovery was made by Thailand’s National Astronomical Research Institute. ‘Electra is the first discovered quadruple system,’ the researchers wrote. This is a brand-new find. The first moon of Electra is 6 kilometers wide, the second is 2 kilometers wide, and the third moon, which was recently discovered, is 1.6 kilometers wide. From a distance of 340 kilometers, the newly discovered moon circles the asteroid.

After all, what are asteroids?

According to scientists, asteroids are rocks that orbit the sun in the same way that planets do, but they are much smaller. The majority of asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter’s orbits. Aside from that, they continue to orbit other planets and revolve around the sun with the planet. When our Solar System was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, such clouds of gas and dust that couldn’t take the shape of a planet and were left behind were transformed into asteroids. This is why they do not have the same round shape as the planets. There are no two asteroids alike.