Battlegrounds Mobile India has banned more than one lakh of BGMI accounts


In just one week, Battlegrounds Mobile India has banned over one lakh BGMI accounts! Around 1,42,000 gamer accounts were supposedly suspended between December 6 and 12. Cheating to obtain an unfair advantage in the game has resulted in permanent bans. If gamers do not stop cheating, more suspensions will be imposed, according to Krafton.

Krafton, the creator of Battlegrounds Mobile in India, has routinely blocked accounts that used cheats to obtain an unfair advantage in the game. This time, though, the developer has also made a list of all banned accounts available to the public. The names have been spelled in a cryptic manner to protect your privacy.

Cheaters are banned from Battlegrounds Mobile in India. Please keep in mind that this ban is permanent, and these accounts will not be able to return to the game. “In order to provide you with a pleasant gaming experience, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will attempt to apply tough sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the usage of illicit programs,” writes Krafton in a blog post. This ban, however, is not as widespread as the previous one, which resulted in a total of 1.57,000 one-time account bans over the course of a week in November. Players who obtain the game from unauthorised sources or use any support program or tool to acquire an unfair gaming edge over others are subject to the bans. Before the bans, gamers can manually remove cheat measures or fix files from within the game to permanently remove them.

In related developments, Krafton has announced that data transfer from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India will be discontinued. Players who haven’t attempted Battlegrounds Mobile India yet because PUBG Mobile was banned in the country have till December 31 to do so. Since November 5, BGMI has ceased accepting Facebook logins.

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