Biden furious on the question of inflation, told the journalist – Stupid

President Joe Biden became enraged when asked about rising inflation in the United States, and he verbally abused the journalist who asked the question during the press conference. Biden’s video has gone viral on social media. Some are also wondering if Biden was aware that his microphone was on when he abused.

In fact, Fox News reporter Peter Ducey asked Biden how much his party would suffer in the mid-term election as a result of the country’s rising inflation. Biden responded that it wouldn’t hurt and then referred to the journalist as a “stupid son of bitch.”

Biden has previously issued reprimands to journalists. “Why are you waiting for the Russian president to make the first move?” a Fox News reporter asked her last week about the Ukraine crisis. Biden retorted angrily, “What a stupid question!”

Biden is surrounded by a slew of problems.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, has completed one year in office. Many of his decisions have been questioned, but the military withdrawal from Afghanistan is still being questioned. On Thursday, Biden responded to a question about the issue by saying that no government can succeed in Afghanistan or keep the country united.

In terms of popularity, Trump is a distant second.

YouGov, a market research firm based in the United Kingdom, released a list of the Most Admired Men of 2021 earlier this month. Biden was ranked lower than even Donald Trump on this list. Trump is ranked thirteenth on the list. Biden, on the other hand, is in 20th place.

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