Bollywood’s famous singer Bappi Da passes away

Bappi Lahiri, who made Bollywood rock and disco and made the entire country dance to his tunes, has passed away at the age of 69. Bappi Da was known for his one-of-a-kind songs and gold jewellery. Please tell us about some interesting facts about them-

Bappi, who was born in Kolkata on November 27, 1952, has always had a passion for music. Since childhood, music has been in Bappi’s blood, and he began playing the tabla at the age of three. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Bappi the “King of Disco Songs.” Bappi Da’s talent was admired by all of Hollywood’s top music composers.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Elvis Presley was an inspiration.

Bappi Da explained why he wears thick gold jewellery around his wrists, fingers, and neck in an earlier interview. Elvis Presley, an American rock star, was a big fan of Bappi’s. During his performances, Elvis used to wear a gold chain. When Bappi Da saw Elvis in person, he was inspired to create a new image of himself when he became successful. Bappi Da was known as the Gold Man of India because of his successful use of gold. Singer stated that he considers gold to be lucky for him.

What was Bappi Lahiri’s gold and silver worth?

Bappi Da, a disco dancer and singer, ran for Lok Sabha in 2014. Singer revealed his net worth, as well as gold and silver, during his nomination. During this time, he revealed that he has 752 grammes of gold and 4.62 kilogrammes of silver. This is a description he gave 6 years ago.

The gold and silver in Bappi Da’s possession is valued at Rs 40 lakh.

Bappi Lahiri has 754 grammes of gold and 4.62 kilogrammes of silver in her possession. Gold is currently valued at 51 thousand rupees, implying that Bappi Da owns gold and silver worth around 40 lakh rupees. When it came to total assets, Bappi Da owned a property worth 20 crores.

Bappi Da’s wife Chitrani has more gold than he does.

His wife Chitrani Lahiri, like Bappi Da, is a gold and diamond collector. He claimed in 2014 that he had 967 grammes of gold, 8.9 kg of silver, and Rs 4 lakh worth of diamonds than Bappi Da.

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