BRATA Virus: This virus can hack mobile banking app

BRATA Virus: Android-based smartphones have an open source operating system that allows users to install third-party apps. As a result, the risk of cybercrime rises. Google also continues to issue warnings about malware, which can infect your phone. BRATA (Brazilian Remote Access Tool for Android) is currently posing a threat to your smartphone. You must also exercise caution in this situation. In 2019, the BRATA malware was discovered. It has now been updated to include a new variant that can steal money from your bank apps. It is also capable of erasing data from an Android device. The new variant of the malware, according to the researchers, is capable of performing a factory reset on the target device. It can also delete data without the user’s permission. Please tell us more about it.

BRATA Virus has the potential to steal money from e-banking apps.

The goal of this malware, according to Clifi, an IT security researcher in Milan and an Italy-based fraud management firm, is to steal money through bank apps installed on the device. If the operation is successful, the phone is factory reset to divert the user’s attention. As a result, the user’s phone loses all of its data.

The new BRATA version can also track GPS and log keystrokes. That is, malware can track users’ locations and gain access to data based on their actions. According to the report, BRATA Virus started out as a banking Trojan. Yo can remotely access users’ Android devices and use e-banking apps to steal their money.

ways to stay away from

You should avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores if you have an Android phone. If you’re downloading an app from the Play Store, pay attention to the permissions it requests.

This will ensure that your device is always up to date. It will also scan on a regular basis to detect any potential threats. Anti-malware software, on the other hand, is not always effective. This is why you should only download any third-party app after thoroughly verifying it.

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