BTS’ first English track ‘Dynamite’ makes history on Billboard Japan

Bts band : Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, is a popular Korean pop band with fans all over the world. This band has made fans in every corner of the country, despite the fact that they do not speak the same language. BTS has made history by achieving a major goal in its name. Because their fan base is growing by the day, this band specialises in making history in any case. In Japan Billboard, he has made history. BATS became the first and only pop band to do so.

The first English song by BTS, ‘Dynamite,’ has caused a stir in Japan’s Billboard. This song holds the record for the most streams in Japan Billboard. In the year 2020, BTS released their first English song. After that, the fans flocked to this song in droves. It was heard all over the world, not just in Korea. As a result, the English song ‘Dynamite’ has now surpassed 600 million streams on Japan Billboard.

It has been nominated for a Grammy Award.
This is an unbeatable disco-pop song with a funk, soul, and bubblegum pop fusion. It’s influenced by 1970s pop music. The music critics praised this song after it was released. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award at the first 63rd Grammy Awards. This song was not only well received, but also commercially successful. It was included in Billboard’s Hot 100 chart from the beginning. For three weeks, ‘Dynamite’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This song was ranked in the top ten out of twenty-five songs in the world.
The song also had the biggest single-day debut for a song in 2020, with 7.778 million streams on Spotify. This song charted in the top ten not only in Korea and Japan, but also in over 25 other countries. It was also number one in Hungary, Israel, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, and South Korea at the same time. This video had received 1 billion views by April 12th, 2021. Following the success of ‘Dynamite,’ BTS released the song ‘Butter,’ which also became a hit.

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