Capitol violence: President Biden speaks on first anniversary

Capitol Violence: On the first anniversary of the attack and violence by Trump supporters on the US Parliament complex Capitol Hill, President Joe Biden took aim at former President Donald Trump. At the anniversary celebrations, President Biden stated that Trump still wields a sword around the neck of America and its democracy.

Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill and ransacked it after Biden’s victory in the presidential election last year. That violence resulted in the deaths of five people. “We will fight to save America’s soul,” Biden said in the presence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Following this case, concerns were raised around the world about the future of American democracy. For the first time in history, Biden claimed he lost a presidential election and attempted to prevent a peaceful transfer of power. To discredit American democracy, he spun a web of lies. Violent mobs descended on the capital’s streets, but they were defeated.

He claimed that Parliament had been attacked as well, but that we stood by. We were victorious. Former Vice President and Republican veteran Dick Cheney also slammed Trump on this occasion.

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