China has suspended Alibaba Cloud’s services for six months

China has shut down AlibabaCloud’s service for six months following its failure to report the grave Internet security flaw that has placed millions of devices and systems at risk of hacking through authorities from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Chinese media outlets have reported they believe that AlibabaCloud has been banned following the disclosure of the vulnerability ‘Log4J’ to its service provider Apache prior to the ministry.

“Recently after being able to identify grave security flaws in the component ‘Apache Log4j2, AlibabaCloud failed to inform the authorities responsible for telecommunications promptly and was not able to support an initiative by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in addressing cyber security risks and vulnerability management” According to reports in local newspapers.

As per 21st Century Business Herald, the cyber security division of MIIT MIIT “was discontinuing their partnership for information-sharing that it has with Alibaba Cloud for six months specifically citing the inability to disclose Log4J in the first place as the main reason,” reports ZDNet.

Cybercriminals are trying to exploit weaknesses involving the Java log4j2 logging system known as the “Apache log4j2”.

As the world tries to find a way to stop serious security vulnerabilities that could disrupt an Internet for millions of users, Google has announced that over 35,000 Java applications, or more than eight percent from the Maven Central repository (the most important Java repository for packages) were affected by vulnerabilities recently discovered and widespread impact on the entire software industry.

In the meantime, Chinahas put in place a new law which makes it obligatory for all businessesto disclose any vulnerabilities to the state regulators within two days.

In November the Cyberspace Administration of Chinaunveiled some new regulations that changed the classification of data and imposed a variety of fines for violators of its rules.

Alibaba was punished with a record-breaking penalty in the amount of 18.2 billion yuan. In addition, the other 33 apps on mobile have come under criticism from Beijing over their policies on data collection.

The market regulator punished the tech titans Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and e-commerce platforms Inc and Suning for infringing on the country’s anti-monopoly regulations during 35 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) agreements in that they did not declare an illegal operation concentration. It was the latest development in the battle against the monopoly.

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