China has the second highest number of 37 billionaires in America

China has the second highest number of 37 billionaires in America

There are 87 billionaires under the age of 40 in the world who have made their fortune on their own. Eight more names have been added to their list in the last year, bringing the total to nearly double in five years. Hurun and Shanghai-based company Hiwin Wealth recently released a list with this information.

According to the Hurun Global Forty and Under Self-Made Billionaires-2022 list, the United States leads the pack with 37 billionaires. China comes in second with 25 billionaires. Britain has surpassed India to take third place, with eight billionaires. It moved up three spots on the list.

In one year, the United States added six billionaires and the United Kingdom added five, while China lost five billionaires. India, on the other hand, is ranked fourth on the list, with six billionaires. In the last year, India has produced two billionaires.

On top, there’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg, the 37-year-old founder of Facebook, is at the top of the list with a net worth of Rs 5.80 lakh crore, despite losing Rs 1.90 lakh crore in assets in the last year. Zhang Yiming, the 39-year-old founder of Tiktok, spent Rs 4.12 lakh crore. Second place goes to net worth.

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