China’s bridge near Pangong Lake nears completion satellite images

China's bridge near Pangong Lake nears completion satellite images

China’s construction activities in eastern Ladakh have stepped up. Despite ongoing military talks with India over the border dispute, he has not stopped them. The construction of its bridge near Pangong Lake is nearing completion, according to reports. He also constructs roads and bridges in the Galwan area. This was claimed by the European Space Agency while releasing images taken by the satellite.

China has stepped up construction work to connect the north and south shores of the Pangong Tso lake in the winter, according to new satellite images. This bridge is being constructed very close to India’s claimed border line and in territory that has been occupied by China for decades.

Maxar Technologies, a space company, released the images, which were compared to images released by the European Space Agency. According to reports, China began construction on the northern side of the lake in September of last year. It is now only a few metres from the southern coast and is nearly finished. Even in the dead of winter, China continued to build rapidly along the India-China border. Similar construction activities have also been carried out in the Galvan area by China.

The length of the bridge is 315 metres.

China is building a bridge that is about 315 metres long, according to satellite images. It connects the lake’s south bank to a newly built road in the area that connects to the north shore. The images also show Chinese machines and the resources used in manufacturing.

Construction in illegally occupied areas is not permitted in India.

The bridge is being built in an area that China has illegally occupied for the past 60 years, according to Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi. India disapproves of its unauthorised construction.

The goal is to keep India from occupying the Kailash peaks.

China is currently building in the Pangong area because it does not want the situation of August 2020 to repeat itself. The Indian Army then conquered many of Mount Kailash’s important peaks, defying China’s People’s Liberation Army. Following that, the armies of both countries met on the south bank of Pangong at a distance of less than 200 metres. However, both sides agreed to withdraw their armies at that point.

Due to strong resistance from the Indian Army, China was forced to retreat.

China and India have already mobilised their military forces in Eastern Ladakh. Both countries have begun large-scale construction projects in the area. The determination of the Line of Actual Control, however, is a point of contention between the two countries. If China claims a large area, India is equally adamant about its claim. China has attempted to enter Indian territory several times in recent years, but has been forced to retreat due to strong opposition and resistance from the Indian Army. Due to China’s construction of a bridge, it will be difficult for India to send troops and equipment to the area quickly. In the region, India has also improved its basic preparedness.