Delhi Traffic Police takes strict action against those who do not pay challans

It is no longer good for those who do not pay their bills. The Delhi Traffic Police has made plans to tighten penalties for those who do not pay their challans. The vehicle challan will now be linked to the vehicle’s insurance. The vehicle owner’s vehicle will not be insured if the challan is not submitted. Vehicle owners will be in serious trouble if there is an accident in such a situation. The Delhi Government has received the Traffic Police’s proposal. It will be implemented once it has been approved.

Vehicles are frequently challaned, and the owners of the vehicles frequently fail to fill out the challans. Many vehicle owners’ challans have been pending for months in this situation. Only 10% of the total deducted challans were deposited last year, according to figures from 2021. In the year 2021, a total of 5091592 challans were issued for violations such as red light jumping, speeding, and stopping, but only 571479 challans were submitted. People either do not fill the challan or do not fill it on time, according to SK Singh, DCP (Modernization) of Delhi Traffic Police. At the moment, Delhi traffic has deducted approximately one crore 13 lakh challans that have not been filled. People are becoming accustomed to not paying challans.

DCP SK Singh stated that the vehicle’s insurance will now be linked to the vehicle’s challans in order to obtain the challans from the public. The vehicle will not be insured or the insurance will not be renewed unless the vehicle owner fills out the challan. He claimed that the Delhi Traffic Police had written the Delhi Government a letter about it. The Delhi government has responded to the Delhi Traffic Police in writing, stating that the matter is being discussed with authorities and that further action will be taken soon. According to SK Singh, the Delhi government will soon link insurance with vehicle challans. The Delhi government is also planning to deny documents such as the Pollution Under Control Certificate and Permit to vehicle owners whose challan is pending or who have not completed the challan.

This is how invoices can be filled out.

Those who have not yet completed the challan can do so online.

In addition, challans are deposited in the virtual court. In Lok Adalats, challans can also be filed. On March 12, the Lok Adalat will be held.

Aside from that, if a Jado or a traffic worker is seen standing on the road or at a crosswalk with a challan depositing machine, the traffic challan can be deposited by paying him money.

What to do if you receive an incorrect invoice

People occasionally receive incorrect invoices. People go to the Delhi Traffic Police website and send them an email with information about the challan number as well as other documents, such as the vehicle number. In addition, information about incorrect challans can be reported by calling the helpline number 1095 or 011-25844447, 011-25844444, 23914049.

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