DuckDuckGo Plans to Bring Its Privacy-Focussed Browser

DuckDuckGo has revealed that it’s developing a privacy-focused browser for desktops. It also offers the browsers available for Android as well as iOS devices, which claim to protect your Internet activities from tracking by third-party companies.

DuckDuckGo is aiming to provide these privacy options to users on desktops by introducing a newly launched Web browser. Its primary focus is to create “an everyday browsing app” that offers strong privacy protection in default for searches, browsing email, and many other.

This news is made by DuckDuckGo the CEO Gabriel Weinberg via a blog post. The browser will provide all privacy options by default, and it will not offer any additional tiers for its services.

DuckDuckGo is aiming to create a web browser that is suitable for use in everyday life which will prevent companies from monitoring the history of browsing and search of users. The desktop version of the browser will feature an easy and clean interface, with the Fire button, which is available in mobile versions. This button instantly erases the tabs and browsing history in just one click.

In the blog, it highlighted the protection features for privacy that DuckDuckGo is releasing this year in its mobile applications. For instance, the Email Protection feature has been developed to eliminate tracking software from email messages. The company also recently introduced an app tracking protection feature for Android that is believed to stop third-party companies like Google and Facebook from tracking apps of other companies.

DuckDuckGo makes use of rendering engines supplied by OS to build desktop versions of its web browsers. According to the article written in The Verge, The browser will use Edgeand Chromium for running on PC in addition to SafariWebkit and Safari in macOS platforms to display. The rest of the features are developed exclusively by DuckDuckGo.

The browser is currently being tested in closed beta for macOS while the Windows version is scheduled to launch in the near future. DuckDukcGo says that its initial tests have shown that the browser is considerably quicker over Chrome when used on desktop. The company has not received any information from the company about an official date for the launch of the browser.

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