Elon Musk said: in the coming 10 years man will be able to reach Mars

Elon Musk wears many hats. He is the world’s richest person and the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. He was named ‘Person of the Year-2021′ by Times Magazine. Above all, Musk is known as a’space enthusiast.’ His dream is to colonize Mars with humans, as evidenced by his Twitter cover photo. On Tuesday, Musk made a prediction in this episode. Within the next ten years, he claims, SpaceX will be able to transport humans to Mars. On the Lex Friedman podcast, Musk made this bold claim.

Musk reaffirmed his position, saying that humanity should evolve into a “multi-planet species.” He claimed that SpaceX has detailed plans to develop space travel technology. ‘It could take 5 years in the best case and 10 years in the worst case,’ Musk said of the time it would take for humans to travel to Mars. He stated that the duration of the journey is dependent on the construction of the spacecraft that will transport humans into space.

SpaceX is constructing a launchpad in Florida.
The Starship, according to Musk, is the most complex and advanced rocket ever built. He described it as being on the ‘next level.’ In recent years, SpaceX has increased its operations in order to meet Musk’s goal of establishing a human settlement on Mars. Musk announced earlier this month that SpaceX has started building a launchpad in Florida to house Starship rockets.

Musk’s firm is slashing costs.
Musk stated in a podcast interview that his company is working to reduce the estimated cost of a trip to Mars and design the Starship. Elon Musk’s ambitious Starlink project had previously been targeted by the European Space Agency and China. Musk’s satellite recently narrowly avoided colliding with the Chinese Space Station in space. ‘Space is too big, and satellites are too small,’ Musk said in an interview.

‘We’re not going to stop anyone from going to space.’
According to Elon Musk, billions of satellites could be placed in low Earth orbit. Several thousand satellites, according to Musk, are nothing. It’s as if there are millions of cars on the planet. It’s null and void.’ We are not preventing anyone from going into space, he stated.

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