Ericsson sues Apple: 5G technology being used in iPhone without license

Ericsson sues Apple 5G technology being used in iPhone without license

Ericsson sues Apple: Ericsson, a Swedish communication equipment manufacturer, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming patent infringement. Apple has allegedly continued to use Ericsson’s 5G wireless technology on its iPhones without paying royalties, according to Ericsson.

Both companies have already filed lawsuits in the United States against each other. The two had previously begun discussions to extend the seven-year telecom patent agreement signed in 2015. However, Ericsson and Apple were unable to reach an agreement on licencing, and as a result, both companies have filed lawsuits against each other.

In October, Ericsson filed a lawsuit against Apple. Apple had unfairly reduced the company’s royalties, according to the company. In December, Apple filed a lawsuit against Ericsson, alleging that the Swedish company was pressuring it to renew the patent.

In response to the new lawsuit filed against Apple, an Ericsson spokesperson stated, “Our agreement with Apple to use 5G wireless technology has expired, and neither company has been able to re-negotiate the terms. Apple is breaking the law by using our technology, and it is currently doing so without a licence.” Ericsson’s allegations have elicited no response from Apple.