Facebook banned in Russia: FB shuts down accounts of government agency

Facebook has been placed under a ‘partial ban’ in Russia. The reason for this is said to be because after the attack on Ukraine, the social media company restricted access to several accounts supporting the Russian government. Facebook has requested that the ban on state news agency RIA Novosti, state TV channel Zvezda, and Kremlin supporter news sites Lenta.Ru and Gazeta.Ru, imposed on Thursday, be lifted, according to Russia’s country agency Roskomnadzor. Facebook, on the other hand, did not do so.

To reduce Facebook’s audience, a technical ban on search results has been implemented.

According to Roskomnadzor, while banning the accounts, their content was described as untrustworthy, and a technical ban on search results was imposed to reduce Facebook’s audience. The “partial ban” on Facebook, according to Roskomnadzor, went into effect on Friday. It was also stated that it is unclear what this step entails.

There have been no bans on Russian media accounts.

Roskomnadzor stated that it has taken several steps to protect Russian media in its statement. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office, Facebook has been granted fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as full protection of Russian citizens’ rights and freedoms. This version has been updated to reflect that while Facebook is blocked, Russian media accounts are not.

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