Facebook removed more than 1.16 crore content on objectionable content

In January, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, took action against over 11.6 crore pieces of content on Facebook for violating India’s 13-type policy. Bullying and harassment, child endangerment, dangerous organisations, and sexual activity are all examples of this. At the same time, 18.58 lakh Indian WhatsApp accounts were suspended.

Hate speech, suicide and self-injury, spam, and graphic content with violence are among the other areas where content is processed, according to Meta’s monthly report on IT regulations.

1.16 million pieces of content were processed.

According to Meta, Facebook processed over 11.6 million pieces of content across categories between January 1 and 31, while Instagram took action on 3.2 million pieces of content across 12 categories during the same time period.

Large digital platforms (with more than 5 million users) are required to submit compliance reports on a monthly basis under IT regulations that went into effect in May of last year. The actions taken in response to the complaints received in this report must also be detailed. This includes providing information about content that has been removed or deactivated as a result of active surveillance using automated devices.

In cases of spam and sexual activity, action is taken.

Facebook processed more than 11.6 million pieces of content in January, according to the latest Meta report, including spam (6.5 million), violent and graphic content (18 million), sexual activity (1.4 million), and hate speech. There were 28,600 cases in total. Other categories’ content has been addressed, such as bullying and harassment (2,33,600), suicide (2,56,500), terrorism (3,02,900), and so on.

In the case of Facebook, which received 911 reports through the Indian Grievance Mechanism in January, the report stated that “we have responded to 100% of these 911 reports.”

In January, WhatsApp blocked 18.58 lakh Indian accounts.

In January 2022, WhatsApp banned 18.58 lakh Indian accounts. The company took this action in response to user complaints received through its compliance department and its own mechanism for preventing and tracing rule breakers.

According to WhatsApp’s monthly report released on Tuesday, the company has banned the majority of the 18.58 lakh accounts on the basis of harmful behaviour.

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