Facebook removed more than 162 million content in a month in India

During November, Facebook’s Instagram processed over 3.2 million pieces of content across 12 categories. At the same time, Google received 26,087 complaints from users in the country, prompting the removal of 61,114 pieces of content. Platforms with more than 5 million users are required to publish monthly compliance reports under new IT rules that went into effect earlier this year.

In November, the social media company Meta processed over 162 million pieces of content on Facebook in India. In total, Facebook has taken action in 13 different categories. In November, Facebook’s photo-sharing platform Instagram processed more than 3.2 million pieces of content across 12 categories, according to the company’s Monthly Compliance Report.

On the basis of complaints, Google removed 61,114 pieces of content.
This report contains information about complaints and the actions taken in response to them. In November, Google received 26,087 complaints from users. 61,114 pieces of content were removed as a result of these findings. This information was included in the company’s monthly transparency report, which was released on Friday. In November 2021, Google removed 3,75,468 pieces of content based on automatic identification, in addition to user complaints. In November, the company received 24,569 complaints from individual users in India, according to the company.

From May 26th, India will be subject to new IT regulations.
Based on these complaints, the company removed 48,594 pieces of content from its platform and 3,84,509 pieces of content from its own servers. This information was provided in accordance with India’s IT rules, which were implemented on May 26. According to Google’s most recent report, the company received 26,087 complaints from individual users in India through its system in November. Based on these complaints, 61,114 actions were taken to remove the content.

There are 60,387 copyright cases found.
Some of the complaints, according to Google, were about infringement of intellectual property rights, while others demanded that content be removed for reasons like defamation. During this time, 60,387 copies of copyright, 535 trademarks, 131 frauds, and 56 court orders were removed, along with 5 complaints of objectionable sexual content. When we receive complaints about content on our platform, we carefully investigate them, according to Google.

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