Fans ask after Lee Jung Jae shares photo with BTS member


BTS Squid and ARMY Game fans were ecstatic after Lee Jung Jae, who created his Instagram account in October photographed in a photo with Winter Bear star on the photo-sharing site. Fans filled the comments with awe and excitement and many expressed their they hoped that V will be part of Squid Game’s second season. Squid Game. V who’s actual name was Kim Taehyung, had made his debut as an actor in the drama of the same name, Hwarang.

In the picture, both the models pose in front of the camera, both wearing casual clothes.

Lee Jung Jae starred in Lee Jung Jae starred in the Netflix the dystopian show “Squid Game” on Netflix that grew into a global phenomenon. The show focused on players who are in a financial crunch and are forced to participate in a dangerous contest of games for children to win huge amounts of cash. Jung Jae played the lead character Seong Gi-Hun Seong Gi-Hun, a man struggling with debt and wants to get his money back. The show was renewed for the second season.

He was one of the very first Korean actor to be nominated for awards at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, The Critics Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Additionally, BTS has been nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards. The group’s hits Butter, Permission to Dance as well as My Universe, a collaboration with Coldplay have topped the Billboard Hot 100 this year. Fans are currently waiting for the health reports for RM, Jin and Suga who were diagnosed with COVID upon the return to LA.

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