Gadgets at CES 2022 Show: Garmin Smartwatch with 5 Nokia phones launched

Las Vegas is hosting the year’s largest consumer electronics show (CES 2022). Today is the second day of this show, which introduces many new technologies that will soon be part of your life. So far, Acer, Samsung, Sony, and BMW products have been seen at the event. TCL has six new tablets while Acer has one. Let’s look at all 7 items…

1.Acer Chromebook Spin 513, 315, 314

Acer unveiled three new Chromebooks at CES. Spin 513, Chromebook 315, and Chromebook 314. The Chromebook Spin 513 has a 13.5-inch display, while the Chromebook 315 Sport has a 15.6-inch display. A 44600, 22300 and 22,310 rupee starting price India price is yet to be announced. All new Chrome OS laptops support Google Play Store Android apps.

2.TCL unveils 6 new tablets

TCL unveiled new products at the show. Six new tablets, a Windows laptop, and VR glasses TCL claims the new tablet will educate all learners. The new VR glasses will have a 1080p OLED display and dual stereo speakers with spatial audio. TCL laptops have Windows 11 and 4G LTE.

3.GPS Smartwatches

There are two new Garmin smartwatches. Venu 2 Plus and Vivomove Sport. These allow phone calls and voice assistant control. Garmin Venu 2 Plus costs Rs 33,500. The smartwatch comes in three colours. It comes in Grey, Black, and Ivory.

4.PS4 Bravia XR

Show-exclusive Quantum Dot OLED TV (QD-OLED) and Mini LED TVs from Sony. Sony’s new Bravia TVs feature the Cognitive Processor XR. The company claims better contrast and colours. The Mini LED models have great contrast and deep blacks. The price is still unknown. There are three models in Sony’s Master Series. They range in size from 48-77 inches.

5.Launch of Nokia K5

Nokia launched 5 phones at the show: C100, C200, G100, G400, and 2760 Flip. Android 12 is on all of them. They run KaiOS. Both MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets are used in Nokia C-series smartphones. On the bus, the Nokia G400 has 5G connectivity. The Nokia C100, C200, G100, G400, and 2760 Flip are priced at Rs 7400, 8900, 11100, 17800, and 5,900.

6.JBL Bluetooth Speaker

JBL has expanded its popular portable Bluetooth speaker and wireless gaming headset range. JBL Pulse 5 and JBL Boombox 3 support Bluetooth v5.3. Two smartphones or tablets can be paired simultaneously. JBL’s new Pulse 5 LED light show features 360-degree sound. They last up to 24 hours.

JBL has added the JBL Partybox Encore to its Partybox speaker line. The 100W portable party speaker is splash-proof and rated IPX4. For Rs 20900, the new JBL Pulse 5, JBL Boombox 3 and JBL Partybox Encore are available.

7. Asus Foldables

Asus ZenBook 17 Fold OLED Foldable and ZenBook 14X OLED Space Edition were unveiled at CES 2022. ZenBull 17 Fold OLED has a 17.3-inch display that folds down to 12.4-inch. Asus claims the asafetida has been tested for 3 lakh cycles. It has a 12th generation Intel Core i7 U series processor. It also launched the ZenBook 14X OLED Space Edition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first Asus laptop sent into space. It has a 3.5″ secondary screen.

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