German Chancellor to meet US President today

The conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine is at an all-time high. Both sides’ military activity has increased. Even under these conditions, Germany has yet to determine whether or not to take military action against Russia. As a result, the Western media considers Germany to be an untrustworthy ally.

On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will meet with Vice President Joe Biden in Washington. It is expected that Germany’s silence on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine will soon be broken. Olaf could also be sending a larger message, since Germany has been chastised for its complicity in the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Scholz was even made invisible by the German newspaper Der Spiegel in this regard.

Germany’s credibility has been called into question.

Russia provides 33 percent of Europe’s natural gas. There will be a major problem if this supply ends.

In a letter to Berlin this week, Germany’s ambassador to the United States, Emily Haber, stated that many in the American media and Congress are doubting Germany’s reliability. Many Republicans believe Berlin will not take significant measures against Russia over natural gas. While Russian President Vladimir Putin is in continuous contact with French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Germany will strengthen its troop presence in Lithuania.

On Sunday, Olaf Scholz said he was prepared to send more troops to Lithuania. In reaction to Russian forces massing along Ukraine’s borders, the troops will be deployed to fortify NATO’s eastern flank. The deployment of around 3,000 extra troops to strengthen NATO in Poland and Romania has already been approved by the US.

Germany and Russia have had a one-year friendship.

Germany was divided into two halves after losing the Second World War. In Berlin, a wall was built between them.

Ukraine and Eastern European countries are concerned about Germany’s complicity. Matthias Platzek, the President of the Russian-German Forum, stated about this a while ago: “There are many more elements to this problem.” For over a thousand years, Germany and Russia have maintained some sort of interaction. Catherine, Russia’s most famous queen, was also a German. For a long time, a portion of Germany has been influenced by the Soviet Union.

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