Gmail becomes fourth app to be downloaded 10 billion times

Gmail, Google’s email service, is extremely popular all over the world. The Android app for Gmail has reached a new milestone. In fact, the Android app for Gmail has been downloaded 10 billion times.

It’s worth noting that Gmail isn’t the first app to reach the 10-billion-download threshold. Even before this, three apps had surpassed the 10-billion-download mark.

Prior to Gmail, Google Play Services, YouTube, and Google Maps all surpassed the 10-billion-download mark. Gmail is the fourth app to have been downloaded 10 billion times, according to Android Police.

Interestingly, all four apps are from Google, which has over 10 billion Android smartphone downloads. When it comes to Gmail, the app has become extremely popular all over the world.

When it comes to personal email, most people use Gmail. Not only that, but if you want to use an Android phone, you’ll need a Gmail account. You won’t be able to access the Play Store if you don’t do so.

In addition, the company has made numerous updates to the Gmail app. Over time, some new features are added to this app so that users are not dissatisfied with it and new users are constantly added.

The company has recently added the ability to send and receive mail. Mail sent within 30 seconds can be retrieved using this Undo feature. Only 5 seconds were available previously.

In addition to the Gmail app, the company has made several changes to Gmail’s core user interface. The company switched from an inbox to a spam folder.

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