Google 2021 trends: ‘How to increase oxygen level ‘ among most searched in India

Google has published its annual report for 2021, and the results are funny as you would expect. The searches this year were mostly driven by issues that dealt with coronavirus (Covid-19) and how to sign up for this vaccine within India. The topics that are related to cryptocurrency, such as the ‘How to buy dogecoins in India and How you can invest your money into Bitcoin are included in the list of.

The most popular topic on it was “How do I register to receive Covid vaccination’. This could be due to the fact that India started its vaccination campaign to fight the virus in the country. The second most searched-for subject was “how to download a the certificate of vaccination.’

But, the most fascinating thing that people in India looked up was “How to create the oxygen you need in your home.’ Also, people were interested in knowing how you can link PAN as well as Aadhaar.’

  • 1How to register for Covid vaccine
  • 2 How to download vaccination certificate
  • 3 How to increase oxygen level
  • 4 How to link PAN with AADHAAR
  • 5 How to make oxygen at home
  • 6 How to buy dogecoin in india
  • 7 How to make banana bread
  • 8 How to check IPO allotment status
  • 9 How to invest in bitcoin
  • 10 How to calculate percentage of marks

Each every year Google makes lists every year of most searched-for trends throughout the year across different categories. The list gives an insight into the things Indians looked up the most all through the year in entertainment, news, sports and many other categories.

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