Google drops out of annual tech expo CES 2022


The biggest technology event in the world was scheduled to return to its live form in 2022, after having gone entirely digital in the past year. But the increasing number of COVID-19 cases around the globe puts the entire event at risk.

Google’s Google Google has made the decision to leave the conference, following in the steps of a variety of other companies , including Amazon as well as Meta.

“After careful consideration , we’ve taken the decision to not have an exhibit on the floor at CES 2022. We’ve been monitoring closely the progress for Omicron’s variant. Omicron version, and have concluded that this is the best option to ensure the safety and health of our employees.

It is our intention to continue work closely with CTA as well as our other partners in order to discover and help support virtual opportunities and we are looking at sharing most recent Google innovations with you,” a Google spokesperson stated.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) organizers of the CES exhibition, has revealed that it is still planning to hold an in-person event earlier in the week.

The organizers, however, admitted that it had received 42 cancellations from exhibitors one day later, but they had also added 60 additional exhibitors.

While some brands such as T-Mobile have decided to restrict on-site participation, Amazon decided to not be a part of the show at all. The chipmaker Intel disclosed on Wednesday that Intel’s CES strategies are to “move to a digital-first, live experience, with minimal on-site staff.” Other brands such as General Motors also followed suit and went digital.

Companies such as Sony, AMD and Samsung are in the process of preparing to attend CES 2022, though with a an absence. OnePlus which is set to showcase the brand new OnePlus 10, is still scheduled to attend the event , along with HTC along with the chipmaker Qualcomm.

But as the cases aren’t falling and the possibility of turning into an all-spreader affair the horizon, more companies may be spotted pulling out of the expo in the days ahead.

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