original Google Home Mini appears to have been discontinued


The Google Home Mini was released in October 2017 and was superseded by the Nest Mini two years later. Despite this, the original low-cost speaker has stayed on the market, although it is now sold out on the Google Store.

The Google Store’s availability of the Home Mini was changed to “No longer available” earlier today. For the longest time, the little smart speaker has been sold alongside the Nest Mini, which costs the same. Both have been reduced to $24.99 since mid-November. However, towards the end, all four hues (Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and Aqua) weren’t always accessible.

The second-generation Google Home has 2x greater bass, a third far-field microphone, ultrasonic sensor to light up volume LEDs on close approach, wall mounting, and a machine learning processor for quicker, local command processing.

However, the Home Mini featured a micro-USB interface rather than a barrel plug connector, which some users liked. At launch, there was a hardware fault where the top cover was prone to accidentally activate Assistant, resulting in voice recordings. Google eventually deactivated the function, but subsequently reintroduced the ability to play/pause (start/stop) music by holding down the volume keys for a long time.

Its in-store endurance might be owing to Google producing too many at launch, and if you still want one, you’ll certainly find a few on shop shelves. However, the Home Mini is not currently available for purchase on the Best Buy or Target online shops.

Over the years, Google and other corporations distributed them extensively, including a $9.99 campaign via Assistant. It joins the Home Max, which debuted at Launch Night in 2017 and was reduced in late 2020/early 2021.

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