Google Maps new feature will show how busy an area is

In the midst of the holiday season and the rising incidence that COVID-19 is a growing issue, Google released a tool to assist its users to avoid crowds. Google Maps has launched a new feature “Area Busyness,” which will highlight the most crowded locations in a city.

The feature was designed to allow people to get around crowds, and to instantly determine whether their area or area of the city is home to more than the typical amount of people walking through the streets.

The feature is compatible with users of both Android or iOS devices. Although Google Maps had introduced this feature a few years ago but the company is now making it available to all users. It will be available for areas with cafés, restaurants, shops , and museums.

This feature was a element of Google Maps since 2016. Users could get details about the current activity regarding locations by tapping any specific location on the map.

In addition this year, Google has introduced a few indicators such as showing “Usually not too busy” and ‘As busy as you can get under location names.

“We blend live busyness trends of the places within the area such as shops and restaurants, parks cafes, and other places to assess its overall bustle levels. These patterns indicate the level of activity an area is, and when it’s close to or most busy, we mark it as a “Busy Area that appears on Google Maps. To ensure the privacy of our users the systems we use don’t calculate busyness data for residential locations such as a home or apartment,” the tech giant stated on its support page.

The announcement was made in the last month on the Google blog.

Its Area Busyness feature combines live trending patterns in busyness to reveal the most popular areas of any city or town. These trends are said to be based on global location history data the company claims is derived from those who have selected it from their personal Google Accounts.

The company explained in a separate blog post that the data helps in calculating how busy a particular location is during every period of time. It is calculated using the most busy hour as measured by the app and also the data on busyness for the remainder of the week is compared to that hour.

After studying these data points, it is clear that an part that is at its busiest condition is labeled as a “Busy Area. Users need to tap the label to view an image of how busy the area gets at various times throughout the day.

According to Gadgets360, Google will start the rollout of this feature across the globe to all its users, including users in India.

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