Google thanks Indian research: Reported 232 bugs to Google last year

Bugs frequently appear on Google’s various platforms. Google also pays a hefty fee to users who find and fix these flaws. The company paid out $87 million to those who reported bugs on various services last year. Aman Pandey of Indore, the founder of Bugsmirror Company, is mentioned specifically in Google’s report.

Last year, Aman reported 232 bugs to Google.

According to Google’s report, Pandey of the Bugsmirror team was the company’s top researcher last year. Last year, Aman reported 232 bugs to Google. He first submitted his report in 2019 and has since reported over 280 vulnerabilities to the Android Vulnerability Reward Program. It has proven to be crucial in the success of our programme.

In 2021, Android VRP paid twice as much as it did in 2020. He paid the most ever amount of $1,57,000 (roughly Rs 1.19 crore) to track down an Android exploit chain.

The Security Rewards Program received 220 security reports last year.

The largest reward in our industry to date, according to Sarah Jacobs of Google’s Vulnerability Rewards team, is $ 15,00,000 (roughly Rs 11.30 crore) for the Titan-M security chip. This has never been claimed before. In collaboration with some of the most popular Android chip manufacturers, Google has also launched the Android Chipset Security Rewards Program. Due to this programme, $2,96,000 (roughly Rs 2.24 crore) was paid for 220 security reports last year.

115 researchers discovered 333 security flaws in Chrome.

The Chrome VRP gave 115 researchers a total of $3.3 million in exchange for reporting 333 Chrome security bugs. $3.1 million was given for reporting Chrome browser security bugs, and $2,50,500 was given for reporting Chrome operating system bugs, out of a total of $3.3 million. More than 60 researchers received more than $ 5,55,000 (roughly Rs 4.19 crore) from Google Play.

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