ICC new rules for T20: New rule to impose penalty for slow overs

In T20 cricket, the ICC has also implemented a penalty for slow over rates. Even in T20, a team that fails to complete 20 overs in the allotted time will be penalised. From the match between the West Indies and Ireland at Sabina Park onwards, this new ICC rule will be in effect. This match will take place on January 16th. This new ICC rule will also apply to the 2022 T20 World Cup, which will be held in Australia.

In addition, in the T20 series, the ICC has provided for a drinks break in the middle of each innings. Both men and women are subject to this rule. Between each innings in the T20 series between the two countries, there will be a set time for water and rest of the dinks. It will be up to the players to decide whether or not to take this break.

what will the fine be?

According to the new ICC rules, if a team does not begin its last over within the allotted time, the team bowling the remaining overs must keep an additional fielder within a thirty-yard radius. This means that in all overs bowled after the time limit, only four fielders will be near the boundary line, giving the batting team a chance to score more runs. This will make it difficult for the bowlers to bowl the final over, and their balls will have a higher chance of scoring more runs.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) made recommendations.

The ICC Cricket Committee made this suggestion to change the rules of T20 cricket. This rule was first introduced in England’s Hundred League. In all of the overs played after the time limit, only four fielders stayed near the boundary line. In addition, in a T20 series between two countries, a two-and-a-half-minute break between innings can be taken. However, before the start of the series, both teams must decide whether or not to implement it. This rule does not have to be followed.

The first match between the West Indies and Ireland will be played under the new rules.

The first men’s cricket match will be played on January 16 at Sabina Park, under the new rules, between the West Indies and Ireland. Simultaneously, the third T20 match between South Africa and the West Indies will be the first match for women to use the new rules. On January 18, this match will take place.

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