If Facebook Protect is not turned on, the account will be closed, know how to activate


Many people are complaining on social media platforms that they are not able to login to their Facebook account. These users have been told that unless they turn on Facebook Protect, they will not be able to access their accounts.

In September last year, Facebook rolled out Facebook Protect globally by taking it out of the testing phase. The platform says that this is a security program, which helps to keep the user’s Facebook account safe. The platform says that this is especially for those users who can become a target of hackers. These include people like journalists, government employees and human rights activists.

If Facebook Protect is not turned on then the account is closed
Facebook is closing accounts that haven’t turned on Facebook Protect. Some time ago, the company sent mail to some users to turn on Facebook Protect. Of these, those who have not activated this system, their account has been closed. The account will be able to recover only if they turn on Facebook Protect.

A user on Twitter said that he had also received an email asking him to turn on Facebook Protect, which appeared to be spam. Because of this, he ignored it. But as soon as the last date to activate Facebook Protect given in the email came, his account was locked. According to The Verge, Facebook sent these emails from the address security@Facebookmail.com. This address matches the typical spam you receive.

how to turn on facebook protect
If you have not turned on Facebook Protect, then you can activate it by following a few steps. First of all, you have to go to the settings of Facebook account. Here you will get the option of Security and Login. After tapping on it, you will find Facebook Protect in the list. By clicking on it, you can turn it on by following the steps on the screen.

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