If you get storage-full error messages, cache memory and cloud storage options can help

Are you also bothered by your phone’s low storage capacity, error messages such as “storage-full” appearing on your screen, and you want to get rid of them? If so, today we’ll show you how to do so.

Delete any apps that are no longer in use.

Every one of us has a number of such apps on our phones that we will only use once in a while. If you want to get rid of your phone’s storage problem, you should first uninstall these apps. Remove any apps from your phone that you haven’t used in the last 4-6 months as soon as possible.

These apps not only take up space on your phone, but they also slow it down and put your data at risk.

cache of social media

Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram are the most common culprits for our phone’s storage becoming full. All videos, photos, and texts that we view or share on social media are compressed and saved in the phone’s cache memory.

As a result, the phone begins to slow down after a while, and apps take longer to load. As a result, you should continue to delete the cache memory of your social media apps via the phone settings. Keep the backup option of social media apps turned off as much as possible.

make use of cloud storage

Photographs and videos that we take with our phones account for a large portion of the storage on all of our phones. After a while, the phone’s internal storage can’t handle all of the photos you’ve taken, and you’ll get error messages like ‘free some space.’ Your photos are saved in the cloud in this case. Now, cloud storage does not require a subscription; instead, you can use up to 15GB of Google Drive storage with your Google account and store your photos and videos there.

Apart from Google Photos and Google Drive, there are many other cloud services, such as Dropbox and Box, to which you can subscribe to save your important data while also freeing up space on your phone.

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