Indane has launched extra fast gas cylinder in the market, know what is its specialty

For its commercial and industrial customers, Indian Oil has brought a special cylinder. This cylinder is known as Extra Tez (Indane Xtra Tej Cylinder) by the company. The Extra Tez cylinder from IndianOil is unique in that it can save you up to 5% on fuel. In addition, because of the high flame, food can be prepared quickly. The color of this cylinder is blue.

The Extra Tez cylinder from IndianOil is designed for commercial and industrial use. It’s not meant to be used as a household gas. Xtra Tej is used in larger projects and cannot be used in home cooking.

over time, fuel savings
The extra fast cylinder’s unique feature is its extremely fast flame, which means it releases gas at a high pressure. In addition, Tej can save you up to 5% on LPG. Cooking food on a fast cylinder can cut cooking time by up to 14 percent. Because the extra sharp cylinder has a high pressure, it is not suitable for domestic use. The Xtra Tez cylinder’s most notable feature is its flame temperature, which can reach 65 degrees.

Where can I purchase an Xtra Tez cylinder?
Extra Tez cylinders from Indane are available in 19kg, 47.5kg, and 425kg packs. Extra Tez cylinders are readily available from IndianOil distributors. According to IndianOil’s official website, the company plans to sell Xtra Tez cylinders across the country soon, and Tez is currently available in only a few cities.

What is Tej’s Methodology?
IndianOil has improved the calorific value of commercial LPG cylinders by developing Extra Tez high-temperature LPG cylinders. LPG has had additives added to it to increase its calorific value, which has resulted in increased heat. The Xtra Tej pilot project began in Karnataka about two years ago and was put into practice by IndianOil’s research team after a long period of development.

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