India abstains from voting on Russia’s resolution on Ukraine at UNSC


The war between Russia and Ukraine is now in its 29th day. Today, Russia presented a draught resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). India abstained from voting once more, opting for a policy of neutrality. The vote on this draught was boycotted by 13 countries, including India. China and Russia, on the other hand, backed it.

In contrast, Israel has refused to deliver the spy software Pegasus spyware to Ukraine, fearing Russian retaliation. NATO has also requested that Ukraine send the necessary equipment to prevent nuclear, chemical, biological, and radiological attacks.

The Chernihiv bridge was blown up by Russian forces on Wednesday. The bridge was used to transport humanitarian aid and evacuate civilians trapped in Chernihiv.

According to a report by The Insider, Russian journalist Oksana Ballina was killed in Kyiv by Russian military fire.

Russia has barred Google News Service from its territory for spreading false information about the Ukraine conflict.

On Wednesday, 4,554 people were evacuated from Mariupol via the Human Corridor, according to Ukraine’s deputy prime minister.

Ukraine claims that Russian forces destroy agricultural machinery on purpose in a number of locations.

Roman Leshchenko, Ukraine’s Agriculture Minister, has resigned from his position. The reason for the resignation has yet to be determined.

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