India sent 76 thousand tonnes of diesel-petrol to Sri Lanka for the second time


On Wednesday, an Indian oil tanker arrived in Sri Lanka with 76 thousand MT of diesel-petrol. India has also sent Sri Lanka essential medicines.

India has also announced a USD 1 billion loan to help Sri Lanka’s economy recover. Meanwhile, the government of Gotabaya is constantly confronted with public opposition. University professors in Sri Lanka demonstrated against the government on Wednesday.

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People who were dissatisfied with the Rajapaksa government took to the streets.

People’s resentment of the Rajapakse government is growing in the midst of the country’s deepening economic crisis. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest. According to the protesters, the government is cash-strapped because it has sold everything to China. People said on Wednesday that the Rajapaksa family must stop destroying the country. Opposition parties have also expressed their displeasure with the government.

People claim that the government is cash-strapped because everything it owns has been sold to China. She is oblivious to the needs of ordinary people.

Sri Lanka expresses gratitude to India for providing medicines.

In Sri Lanka, there has also been a shortage of essential medicines. As a result, India has dispatched critical medicines to the neighbouring country. The majority of our medicines come from India under LOC (Line of Credit), according to Dr Dammika, Director of the National Eye Hospital in Colombo.

The worst economic downturn since 1948

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Sri Lanka’s economy has been steadily declining. As a result, more than 2 crore people are in need of food and medicine. This is the country’s worst economic crisis since 1948. The value of the Sri Lankan rupee has depreciated sharply against the dollar as the economy has deteriorated, and the country’s foreign debt has been steadily rising.

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has progressed over time.

Sri Lanka has been experiencing an economic crisis for the past month. In fact, the country’s economy was hampered by its proximity to China and the massive debt it owed it. As a result of all of this, Sri Lanka is now engulfed in a 51-billion-dollar debt. Please tell us what has happened in Sri Lanka in the last week.

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