Indian Army launches secure WhatsApp like Chat App

The Indian Army has announced the launch of an internal messaging application called ASIGMA (Army Secure Ingeneous Messaging Application) that is considered to be an “new generation, state of the art, web-based application.” The application was designed by a team composed of officers from the Corps of Signals of the Army.

In a blog post on PIB (Press Information Bureau) the company is stated that the application is deployed within the Army’s internal network to replace for the Army Wide Area Network (AWAN) messaging app that is in use for 15 years. However, the application will not appear in the popular apps stores.

ASIGMA application is running on Army owned equipment and allows for lifetime support for future upgrades according to the document. The app hopes to provide a safer messaging service for internal use instead of relying on external servers like WhatsApp and Signal which have privacy issues.

It is expected that the ASIGMA application will be able to meet the requirements of all “futuristic user requirements” with an interface that is simple for users. The application to provide basic features like group chats, video and images sharing, voice notes and much other features. The press release also stated, “It [ASIGMA] has various modern options, including multi-level security, messaging prioritisation and tracking an interactive global address book, and a variety of options to meet the Army’s needs.

The messaging application is designed to meet the current requirement for messaging and data transfer from Army, especially in the backdrop of the current geopolitical-security environment and is in line with the Government of India’s, Make in India initiative.

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