Indian Embassy brought out hundreds of Indian students by entering 30 km inside Ukraine border

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Indian students were forced to walk several kilometres to the Polish border. Then came reports that Ukraine’s border police were torturing Indians, prompting the Indian Embassy in Poland to carry out a mission that would have been impossible in the event of war.

To bring the Indians, the Embassy decided to cross the Ukraine border. This task seemed impossible in the midst of the deteriorating situation and the firing. The mission was to infiltrate Ukraine for 30 kilometres and evacuate all Indian students to Poland.

444 Indian students from Poland were sent to India on Tuesday evening, according to Indian-origin businessman Amit Lath, who led the mission with the Embassy.

On Tuesday evening, 444 Indian students from Poland were sent to India.

On foot, students took four days to reach the border.

As soon as the war broke out, the Indian Embassy mobilised to evacuate these students. The Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industries (IPCCI) assisted in the formulation of the strategy for this mission. To complete this mission, Indian students had to walk 30 to 50 kilometres across the war-torn Ukraine border to a safe area in Poland.

On foot, it took them four days to get there. During this time, there was a threat of police brutality in Ukraine. In addition, the health had begun to deteriorate as a result of spending the night on the road in the cold.

The Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industries (IPCCI) assisted in the development of the mission’s strategy.

Mission Impossible Strategy

As soon as Russia attacked on February 24, the Indian community in Poland became active. The Embassy formed seven teams in collaboration with IPCCI. Some were tasked with expelling the Indians from Ukraine, while others were tasked with making arrangements for their stay and food. There was a special control room set up. The entire operation’s coordination and execution were being monitored from here.

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