Infinix to Launch First 5G Phone in India in 2022


Infinix, a smartphone maker known for selling low-cost handsets in India, just launched the Note 11 series and now appears to be entering the 5G market. Yes! Infinix plans to introduce its first 5G smartphone in India in 2022. According to India Today, a top corporate executive indicated that a 5G-enabled handset will be released in January 2022. Let’s go further into the latest Infinix 5G phone news.

Anish Kapoor, the brand’s CEO, told the journal that the first 5G smartphone will arrive in India soon. He said it would be accessible in January. He also mentioned that the company plans to deliver a 55-inch TV in the first half of 2022. Infinix appears ready for 2022.

Our first 5G phone will be available on January 31. Customers desire a 5G phone even when the technology isn’t ready. We want to establish a portfolio where customers may pick between top 4G and 5G phones. Of course, the latter costs more. “Once the distribution begins, 5G gadgets will be more affordable,” Anish Kapoor told India Today.

Infinix also wants to expand its smartphone range in India, but no details have been provided. As the year passes, we could expect more details to surface online about the forthcoming Infinix 5G smartphone.

“The cost of a phone is determined by various factors. The dollar has climbed by 8% in the last four months, affecting overall pricing. Even so, we don’t want to go over Rs 20,000 “he said.

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