IPL 2022: How players survive in bio-bubble for two months

The Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off on March 26 and runs through May 29. The league stage of the IPL will be played exclusively in Mumbai and Pune. The number of teams has increased to ten this time, thanks to the addition of two new teams. All of the teams have set up camp in Mumbai. Players will need to be in a bio-bubble for about two and a half months if the IPL lasts longer than two months. Due to strict bio-bubble rules, players will be confined to a small area and will not be allowed to leave.

In such a situation, the franchise teams face a significant challenge in providing the players with a home environment within the limit area. So that he can focus on his game while living comfortably in the harsh bio bubble. Let us describe how the franchisees plan to manage the players during these two months, as well as the players’ daily routine. What players are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do in Bio-Bubble.

Let us first explain what a bio-bubble is and how it is created.

Franchisees rent a hotel and its components for a set period of time to create a bio-bubble. First and foremost, it has been sanitised. Players, staff, families, and anyone else who will be looking after the players in the days leading up to their arrival at the stadium, whether it’s hotel staff or bus and taxi drivers. For three days, everyone is kept in quarantine. They have RT-PCR in the meantime. They are only admitted if the report is negative. Their luggage is also sanitised and stored separately for 48 hours before being allowed to enter the bio-bubble.

The bio-bubble of Mumbai Indians has grown to 13 thousand square metres this time. The MI Arena was built at the Jio World Garden in Mumbai by the franchise.

Players are unable to leave the Bio.


The bio-bubble itself contains every type of facility. It is forbidden for players and their families to leave this area. Players and their families must remain in the designated area at all times. Players are only allowed to leave for practise and matches.

It’s even forbidden to bring food in from the outside.

Players are not permitted to order food from outside sources. If he wants to eat something, he will tell the manager, and it will be prepared in the hotel.

At the same time, if the player or his family require any assistance, they can do so through online shopping or by informing the manager. The goods are not delivered right away when they arrive. For two days, the goods are sanitised and kept in separate rooms. After that, it is given to the players or their families.

What distinguishes Bio-Bubble from other similar products?

In the 15th season, players must spend about two and a half months in the bio bubble. The franchisees are attempting to provide a home-like environment for the players in this situation. A Kids Zone has been set up inside the Bio-Bubble for children, while table tennis, a card centre, and other activities have been set up in the team room for the entertainment of the players and their families.

Children’s rooms have been set up for the players’ children, according to a Rajasthan Royals official. There are various types of toys stored there. And they’ve teamed up with cartoonists. So that children can interact with cartoonist characters and have fun. Simultaneously, racing games for the players and their families have been organised. A deal with Red Bull has been reached in this regard. In addition, the outdoor area has been upgraded. So that I can go for a morning walk. For this, arrangements have been made for a gym and other fitness facilities so that the players and their families can stay in shape.

MI Arena also has a football field, box cricket, pickle ball court, foot volleyball, MI Battle Ground, Kids Zone, and MI Cafe, according to the Mumbai Indians. The team will also be staying at the hotel, which features a state-of-the-art gym, a massage room, a gaming console, an arcade game, indoor basketball, a separate stage for music bands, table tennis, a cafe, a pool table, and a children’s play area.

Health is also given special consideration.

Players will spend more than two months in Bio-Bubble. In such a situation, team doctors continue to provide health tips on a regular basis, and many teams have partnered with the health sector so that in the event of an emergency, the players and their families have access to health care at the appropriate time. Are you able to help me?

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