IPL auction 2022: Pandya Brothers pair get Rs 23.25 crore

Two families have experienced great joy as a result of IPL 2022. The two brothers earned a total of 42.5 crores. Deepak Chahar, an all-rounder for Chennai Super Kings, was added to the team for 14 crores. At the same time, Punjab Kings purchased his brother Rahul Chahar for 5.25 crores. Chahar Brothers will receive Rs 19.25 crore from the Chennai and Punjab franchises.

Pandya Brothers Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya’s older brother, was purchased by Lucknow Super Giants for Rs 8.25 crore at the same time. Hardik Pandya has already been named captain of the Ahmedabad team for a fee of Rs 15 crore.

Due to a lack of funds, the Pandya brothers used to only eat Maggi.

Hardik and Krunal have made a name for themselves in Indian cricket and the IPL over the last few years, but they have also had their fair share of bad luck in their lives. Hardik’s father used to work in finance, but he didn’t make much money from it. He had a heart attack in 2010 and was unable to work due to his failing health. As a result, the house’s financial situation deteriorated significantly.

Hardik and Krunal used to play cricket in a nearby village to earn Rs 400-500 when their father’s health deteriorated. Not only that, but Hardik-Krunal have also experienced times when they were unable to obtain adequate food. Hardik had previously stated in an interview that during those difficult times, he only ate Maggi because he did not have much money.

Only cricketers would be chosen as sons by the Chahar family.

The Chahar brothers’ journey to becoming cricketers is fascinating. Both are coached by Lokendra Chahar, a retired Air Force officer. Their relationship is also unique and complicated. Deepak and Rahul are cousins and cousins-in-law. Deepak Chahar’s uncle and aunt have gotten married. As a result, his aunt became his aunt as well.

Deepak Chahar’s father is Lokendra Singh Chahar, a resident of Agra’s Naraul village. He is a retired Air Force officer. He used to see his son Deepak playing cricket in the street when he was stationed in Sriganganagar in 2004. He noticed that Deepak is a better player than the other boys. Bowling is enjoyable. He then decided to turn his son into a cricketer. Following that, he accompanied Deepak to a cricket academy. Deepak spent 20 days training there.

He believed that the hard work he was putting in at the academy was paying off. He won’t be able to communicate with the India team from there. In such a situation, he chose to trend Deepak himself. Lokendra wanted to play cricket but was unable to do so due to a lack of support at home. In such a situation, he considered turning his son and nephew into cricket players.

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