IPL mega auction likely to be held in Bengaluru on Feb 7 and 8

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has almost finalized the dates of the mega-auction that will take place during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 season. Since two franchises are scheduled to be part of the IPL in the coming season The BCCI has set a date for the auction over two days, where the top players from around the world will be auctioned off.

According to the most recent developments, the mega-auction will take place at Bengaluru between February 7 and 8 of next year along with IPL 2022 scheduled for the following season. IPL 2022 season to start between April and May. According to reports, arrangements for auctions are in the process and unless the COVID-19 issue gets worse in India the auction could be conducted in the subcontinent itself. There was speculation earlier that the auction might be held in the UAE However, the BCCI does not have any plans to do so.

Due to the development in Omicron, and the emergence of Omicron variant, having the auction on a massive scale in Bengaluru is a more sensible option due to the possibility that there will be restrictions regarding travel to other countries if cases keep rising.

IPL 2022 could be a 10-team competition with the Sanjiv Goenka owner of the Lucknow franchise as well as the CVC Group owned Ahmedabad franchise scheduled to join the league that is cash rich. At present, both franchises are given until December 31st to announce their draft picks , however the deadline could be extended as the CVC owned franchise is yet to be cleared by the BCCI. BCCI.

In addition, this is expected to be the final mega-auction, according to various reports, because the majority of the franchises that started it want to end the auction. It is believed that the majority franchise owners believe that conducting a mega-auction every three years is detrimental to the team’s balance and composition.

Furthermore, BCCI is set to hold a meeting with franchise owners to discuss the ‘Plan B in 2022’s IPL 2022 season, following the last season’s IPL was stopped due to the outbreak and held for two parts. The BCCI board plans to hold the entire tournament in one city and that is in India and UAE is not currently an option.

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