Is your phone even hacked? Find out in these ways


Is your phone even hacked? Find out in these ways

Last year, the Israeli technology firm NSO Group made headlines. There have been allegations that Israel’s Ministry of Defense sold NSO’s spyware app Pegasus to foreign governments. Many such reports have recently surfaced, alleging that the government of many countries used this app to spy on a variety of people including activists, journalists, and politicians. Pegasus, a spyware app, can easily gain access to your phone. This app can easily pass all of your information to the concerned hackers once it is installed on your phone. Apart from the spyware app Pegasus, there are a plethora of other apps available on the Internet that can be easily installed on your phone by simply clicking on an unwanted link. In that case, you must exercise caution.

If you have a smartphone and use the internet, there is a chance that a spyware app is also hidden in your phone. As a result, your smartphone could be hacked. In this case, we’ll tell you about the methods you can use to determine whether or not your phone is infected with spyware. Let us know if you have any questions –

If your phone has been infected with a spyware app, the battery on your phone will quickly deplete. If the battery on your phone is draining faster than usual, there’s a good chance it’s been infected with a virus or spyware app.

If your phone’s screen frequently turns on and off on its own, it’s possible that it’s infected with malware or spyware. If you’re experiencing this issue on your phone, it’s likely that your phone has been hacked and all of your personal information has been exposed.

The truth is that we now live in a globalised world where everyone is connected to everyone else. As a result, there is no assurance of safety. If you want to keep your sensitive data safe online, you must be vigilant on all fronts. On the Internet, even the tiniest blunder can result in a significant loss.

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