Macron-Putin meeting in the midst of war

Macron-Putin meeting: In the midst of rising tensions over Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. In this matter, Putin praised France for taking steps to “protect the Europeans.” At the same time, Macron stated that he hopes that the de-escalation process will begin with this meeting. This meeting is more crucial than ever in determining Europe’s security and stability.

France has asked Russia to put an end to the threat of war and build mutual trust. From Russia, it has been stated that our doubts must be cleared first. Ukraine will not be admitted to NATO under any circumstances, according to Russia. Russia does not want NATO forces to approach its border in any way.

There is a lower expectation of success from a single meeting.

Dmitry Peskov, Russia’s spokesman, said of the meeting, “It’s a bit difficult to expect success from just one meeting in the current situation,” but Macron has stated that he will bring some ideas to help reduce tensions. can.

Emmanuel Macron is taking a leading role in de-escalating tensions between the West and Russia. “Let us create a draft useful for Russia, useful for Europe as a whole, a draft that avoids war, that instills confidence and stability,” he tweeted before meeting Putin on Monday.

While releasing the video of his meeting with Putin, Macron wrote in another tweet: – We need to move towards de-escalation. We are aware of the terms. The issue of collective security, the issue of Ukraine, the security situation in Belarus, and the region as a whole are all issues that need to be addressed. Let’s get this party started.

Russia has the legal right to demand security assurances.

Before meeting Putin, Macron gave an interview to a French newspaper. Macron stated in this interview that Russia has the right to withdraw its security guarantee. In talks with Russia, special care will be taken to ensure that the position of other countries sharing the Russian border is not weakened. At the same time, French officials said Macron would try to hold the meeting with Putin in the Normandy format.

What exactly is the Normandy Format? In 2015, the Normandy Format (group) was formed. Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia are among them. In eastern Ukraine, he aimed to establish a ceasefire. The Normandy Formant was signed in Minsk, Belarus, on February 12, 2015. Its goals included de-escalating the situation on the border, as well as economic and political reform in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

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