Mini Moon: China’s big leap in the field of space, now made ‘artificial moon’

The year 2021 has been China’s most successful year in the twenty-first century. During this time, China’s space program reached new heights of achievement. China has created an artificial moon after creating an artificial sun on Earth. Scientists will be able to investigate new instruments based on the conditions and environment on this artificial moon, as well as prepare for future missions.

The ‘first of its kind’ artificial moon‘s center, in the eastern city of Xuzhou in Jiangsu province, will eliminate gravity. This center can maintain a low-gravity environment for as long as it wants. This will also reduce other countries’ reliance on Chinese astronauts’ zero-gravity training. It will also be better suited to the development of new rovers and technologies.

Many tests will be carried out with great assistance.

According to the South China Morning Post, the program’s leader, Li Ruilin of the China University of Mining and Technology, says that a low-gravity condition can be created in an aircraft or drop tower, but only for a short period of time. It happens. The effect of low gravity can be maintained for as long as desired in this artificial moon simulator.

This program is based on this scientist’s experiments.

Some tests, such as the impact test, only require such a condition for a few seconds, but many others require such a condition for several days, according to Lee. Let us explain that the origins of this concept can be traced back to the experiments of Russian-born physicist Andre Geim, who used a magnet to keep a frog in the air. For this experiment, he was also awarded the Nobel Prize.

China’s artificial moon has a diameter of two feet.

The diameter of this artificial moon, or’mini moon,’ according to the information, is about two feet. Its artificial surface is made up of as light as the Moon’s rocks and dust. Let us state right now that the Moon’s gravitational force is not zero. The gravitational force here is 1/6 that of the earth. The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite, and the magnetic field is responsible for the difference in gravitational force.

China’s space plans are far-reaching.

The fourth phase of China’s moon exploration programme is about to be completed. Future Change-6, Change-7, and Change-8 missions will investigate the feasibility of establishing research stations on the Moon as part of this programme. Experts believe that China’s new achievement will be critical to the success of this ambitious programme. China intends to send the Change-7 spacecraft to the Moon’s south pole.

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