NASA has released a one-of-a-kind animated Christmas greeting card


NASA has come out with a distinctive animated Christmas card. Because the space agency had a busy year, they’ve populated the animation with a variety NASA space mission they’re currently conducting for the purpose of making the holiday card more entertaining.

Find out how many you can find!

NASA’s animated holiday greeting card opens by showing the Artemis moon buggy that could be traveling over the moon’s surface by the year’s end, set in a snowy scene that could range anything from Lapland to a fictional spaceship deep in the universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope, featuring a distinctive mirror made of gold is the next thing we will see. The telescope is scheduled to launch on the 24th of December, following several delays. Webb can be described as the biggest and powerful space telescope that has ever been constructed, following Hubble. While it gazes into the deepest the space of our planet, NASA hopes that the telescope’s discoveries will assist scientists in deciphering the mysteries surrounding our solar system and beyond.

Be on the lookout for your eyes on the DART spacecraft while it moves through the snow in search of two huge boulders asteroids. For those who aren’t familiar to the DART mission, it’s an NASA program that initiated to determine if it can alter an asteroids’ trajectory by hitting it. The rock chosen to be used in this DART mission isn’t an actual threat to Earth however, should it’s possible to fly DART into it alters its course it will provide a method to protect Earth from potentially devastating impacts in the near future.

After DART, we can see the NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover traversing a environment that is very different from that on the planet red and with an Ingenuity helicopter hovering in close to the rover.

Then NASA’s T-38 plane is seen. This could be an ode to NASA’s latest batch of astronauts, all of which will learn in flying the jet in their education.

Mark Hailey, NASA’s art director for television, designed the animated Christmas card.

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