Nitin Gadkari reached Parliament in a green hydrogen-powered car


Nitin Gadkari, the Union Transport Minister, arrived in Parliament on Wednesday in his hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. Gadkari has always talked about new fuel options other than gasoline and diesel, and now that he is driving a hydrogen car, he has stated that hydrogen is the future of fuel. We have introduced Green Hydrogen, which is produced from water, to become self-sufficient, according to Gadkari. This vehicle is a prototype. In the near future, the country will begin producing green hydrogen. More imports will be prohibited, and new job opportunities will open up.

Gadkari stated that the Indian government has launched a 3000 crore mission and that India will soon become a hydrogen exporting country. Green hydrogen will be used wherever coal is used (in the country).”

The minister had stated in January that he would soon be seen driving a new hydrogen-powered car on Delhi’s roads. This vehicle is owned by the Toyota Corporation of Japan, and the hydrogen fuel will be obtained from the Indian Oil Pump in Faridabad.

Toyota Mirai is a new car that was released recently.

Nitin Gadkari unveiled the Toyota Mirai, India’s first hydrogen-powered advanced fuel cell electric vehicle, earlier this month. This car, according to the manufacturer, can be refuelled in just five minutes. Once the tank is full, this car can travel up to 646 kilometres.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor and the International Center for Automotive Technology have collaborated on a pilot project to see how well the Toyota Mirai adapts to Indian roads and weather.

In two years, electric vehicles will be on par with gasoline vehicles in price.

In Parliament, Gadkari also discussed alternative fuels, claiming that green fuel will lower the cost of electric vehicles, bringing them on par with gasoline-powered vehicles in the next two years. He claims that this alternative fuel will reduce Delhi’s pollution levels.

Gadkari also stated that electric scooters, cars, and autorickshaws will cost the same as petrol-powered scooters, cars, and autorickshaws in two years. The cost of lithium-ion batteries is decreasing. We’re working on a zinc-ion, aluminum-ion, and sodium-ion battery chemistry. If you spend Rs 100 on gasoline, you will save Rs 10 by driving an electric vehicle.

This vehicle is unique.

On March 16, Nitin Gadkari posted a video about the features of the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Car, in which the features of this car are described.

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