Now Russia vs America: Biden announces tough sanctions on Russia

Tensions in Eastern Europe over Ukraine have reached a critical point. Luhansk and Donetsk, two Ukrainian provinces, have been granted separate country status by Russia. In response to Russian actions, the United States has taken strong measures. US President Joe Biden condemned Russia in his State of the Union address, and two of its financial institutions were sanctioned. Along with this, western countries’ aid to Russia has been prohibited. The United States is also beefing up its military presence in Russia’s neighbouring countries.

More sanctions against Russia is an idea that has been floated.

Apart from NATO, Biden stated, “we have talked to many countries around the world.” The United States and its allies are keeping a close eye on the situation.

Biden, criticising Putin’s aggressive policy, stated that “the entire world saw what happened on Monday night.” This is a breach of international treaties. Our partners are in contact with us. This is something we are seriously considering. Aside from NATO, we’ve had discussions with a variety of countries around the world. The United States and its allies are keeping a close eye on the situation. The possibility of imposing various types of sanctions on Russia is being considered. We’re keeping an eye on Russia’s next move.

Rust isn’t a solution to anything.

We believe this is a direct Russian incursion into Ukraine, according to Biden. We reviewed the situation in two days. I’ve had numerous conversations with Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky. I still believe that there is no other option than to speak. Rust is not a viable solution to any issue. Sanctions have been imposed on two Russian financial institutions (VEB and Russian Military Bank). This should be thought of as the first round of sanctions. If Russia continues to advance, America has sufficient power to teach it a lesson.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will not be built.

Who gave Putin the right to declare new countries on the territory of his neighbouring country, according to the US President? This is a blatant breach of international law. The United States has made it clear that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project will not proceed. Biden stated that he is collaborating closely with Germany on this. More sanctions will be imposed on Russia if it continues to pursue an aggressive policy. The United States will beef up its military presence in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The United States will increase its military presence in Russia’s neighbouring countries.

‘I want to make it clear that these steps have been taken on our side as a defensive measure,’ Biden said of the decision to increase American troop deployment in the Baltic countries. We have no desire to go to war with Russia. We want to send a message to our allies that the US will defend every inch of NATO territory and will honour our commitments fully. Putin is leading a battle to take control of the entire country, which could result in the deaths of tens of thousands of people. Experts in the United States fear that Russia will now launch a full-scale war against Ukraine.

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