Nvidia has announced the GeForce RTX 2050 laptop GPU, which is designed for low-cost gaming laptop


The announcement of Nvidia’s basic laptop graphics chips is to be a bit tinny for a company which is known for its boasts about all the things it does. Its GeForce RTX 2050 MX570, MX550 and MX2050 aren’t required or deserved to be celebrated. They’re just the 2022 versions of the technology that allows notebook manufacturers use the attractive “starts at $999” in searches for “laptops under $1,000” -however, the performance you’re looking for could cost you closer to $1100 in actuality.

They might not function the same way as an integrated GPU for games or other creative programs However, if the program you’re using cannot run without detecting the presence of a GPU that is discrete, they will signal the system that allows it to function.

Nvidia will likely unveil its 2022-powered portable GPUs in CES at the beginning of January just as it is every year. These are likely to include upgrades to the more robust RTX 30 series.

Nvidia offered almost no details about the chips, and stated that laptops with the chips will be available in spring 2022. This RTX 2050 replaces the GTX 1650 and will introduce Turing-based technologies from the last generation to laptops that are in this segment. These include DLSS (resolution scaling for higher performance gaming graphics) as well as ray tracing which was not very effective in Turing. They also support Nvidia Broadcast and Optimus power saving, which is an improvement over the earlier generation. However the MX chips don’t always justify the additional cost.

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